Quatrevelo – progress in Romania

Written by Eva and Theo

In April we were working hard to get the first body of the Quatrevelo on its wheels. We presented it at the SPEZI – special bicycle fair in Germany. That was only the outer shell. All the interior body parts of the velomobile were still missing.

QuattroVelo on the wheels

Foto Eva Navratilova / Quatrevelo on the wheels

Allert Jacobs – our designer – is in Romania since May 12th . That’s why there has not been a blog post for long time. He prefers to finish the moldings instead. We receive regularly pictures and information about his work on Quatrevelo interior. And here they are:

the seat plug

Foto Allert Jacobs / the seat plug

The seat of the Quatrevelo will be unique just like any part of the velomobile. Wide under shoulder blades and with a delve under the backbone.

wheel boxes

Foto Allert Jacobs / the wheel boxes plugs

Allert is finishing the positive moldings of all wheel boxes. They will make molds this week. And in the beginning of next week the first products could be made.

QuattroVelo inside parts

Foto Allert Jacobs / QuattroVelo inside parts

After that Allert will continue with moldings for the drive line. It will include – “a trumpet” (left at the picture) and 3 pieces covering the rear swing arm. A lot of work but worth the wait.

QuattroVelo - interior

Foto Allert Jacobs / one part of the covering of rear swing arm

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4 reacties op Quatrevelo – progress in Romania

  1. Ongelofelijk mooi. Proficiat!!! Als ik nu geen vrouw moest hebben,tja, dan was ik klant.

  2. togetherinparis zegt:

    Eine swing arm oder zwei swing arms?

  3. Ivan John Kuljis zegt:

    Absolutely AMA2!NG

    Super Job!


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