De Snoek 002

Door Eva Jacobs en Clement

Waarschijnlijk de mooiste beloning die je kan krijgen voor je werk – iemand echt gelukkig te maken. Gisteren is het gelukt. Clement kwam zijn Snoek 002 proefrijden.

Probably the best reward you can get for your work – make someone truly happy. Yesterday it worked out. Clement came to test ride his Snoek 002.

Clement: “Today I had the privilege to ride my Snoek for the first time. It isn’t finished yet, there are adjustments to be done. Then it will be painted.
Despite not being finalized (the hatches were quickly taped) the chain lube being dry and the tire new and underinflated, it was riding faster than my expectations. As a reference, my DF with pants in racing condition averaged 58.5 km/h with 183W during the 1-hour race)
The turning radius is smaller than the DF with pants. For the sharp turns, I don’t need to ride on the grass anymore.
The comfort: Allert has made a new type of suspension with oil dampers and springs. They are very effective and providing a level of comfort that I never experienced before. On the rough asphalt, what a difference.
The Snoek accelerated very easily. Its body is really stiff.”

When looking at the data on the Kettelmeerdijk, I could average 52.5km/h with 165W for 4.6km on a place where there was no wind (I could see that the water was really flat on that spot. The temperature was 7.5°C, the front tire was at 6-7 bar, brand new Continental contact speed with a latex tube.
With the DF with pants, same tire but higher pressure (9-9.5bar), I would have needed about 180-190W.”

“Once my Snoek will be optimized, with a well rolled in drive chain, well enclosed hatches, well rolled in tires, there would be 10-15 W gained.
Once again, the comfort and pleasure of riding the Snoek was totally unexpected; what a great additional benefit.
The 20th of April is my birthday; perhaps it will be ready on that day 😉

Greetings and congratulations to the team, you just made a new reference in the velomobile world.


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4 reacties op De Snoek 002

  1. Frans van Schoot zegt:

    Dat klinkt veelbelovend deze test rit. gefeliciteerd Clement ( en ook Allert &Eva0 met deze mooie aanwinst

  2. Wim -de roetsende zegt:

    Wat een mooie review. Echt eentje om trots op te zijn als ontwerpers en bouwers van de Snoek.

  3. Gave VM, gefeliciteerd!

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