Snoek003, wheel-well, RO and mirror

By Eva Jacobs

This week we started the production of Snoek No 3 for Matthias König. Our first plan was to make it lighter than the two previous ones. The latest tests have shown that we should stick to the original plan; stiffness above saving extra grams. Matthias chose a RAL colour for his Snoek, which is easier for us to spray-paint and also very lightweight. So we can save a few grams there.

Allert decided to make changes to the rear wheel-well. On the left is a picture with yellow clay – the space, which is not really needed for the wheel, allows the seat to recline further back. And therefore suitable for taller cyclists.
Cardboard in the third photo allows more room for a larger derailleur. The next photo shows the foot hatch. We want to make a different fastening method than bolts – known from, for example, Quattrovelo.

All models of the Snoek arrived on Tuesday at the Romanian factory Velomobileworld. They immediately started making moulds! The photos show work on the upper part of the body. It started with defining a split line and building a temporary wall where the mould parts meet.

For Snoek we have slightly changed the shape and mould of the mirror cone. You can laminate it very lightly and it fits exactly on half a B&M mirror glass. You can place it on each side of the velomobile. This prototype is without paint or gelcoat. But it can be painted in the colour of the body. All in all (incl. tape) it weighs 10 grams.

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5 reacties op Snoek003, wheel-well, RO and mirror

  1. Spannender als Netflix, Amazon Prime und Apple TV zusammen 😉

  2. Henk zegt:

    Bedankt weer voor de update artikelen. Erg leuk en interessant om te lezen!.

  3. John Highet zegt:

    The mirror looks clever (and aerodynamic ) — but is it adjustable?

    • Hi john, sorry for late response. Allert made first a half mirror with the same ball-attachment as the original B&M mirror. I did some trips with that and the mirror was all the time turning away – some (1 of 10) have this problem. So I just remove the tape by which it is sticked to the vm and turned it to the right position/taped it back… Than I got the idea – why to make it adjustable at all? I have to adjust my mirror on QuestXS or Quattrovelo only when I hit it by my foot. Otherwise it stays always in the position. And the same is now with the Snoek mirror. Just tape it in your right position. If you need to change it later (because your bibs are larger or you wear winter clothets) just tape it again.

  4. John Highet zegt:

    That sounds sensible–particularly as (like you) I’m forever adjusting the mirrors on my QV and Qxs!

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