Snoek manhole and light system

Door Eva Jacobs

We now have 3 riding Snoeks. They are all equipped with a complete lighting system. Almost the same as our other velomobiles.

You can choose from two headlights: B&M iQ-X or Lupine SL AF. Both fit into the air intake in the nose. In the photo at the top right you can see that the light beam is not blocked by the air inlet. The beam of light is as wide as it gets.

The indicators are still visible when the brake-light is on (not so with the Kellermann Atto). Therefore we chose for the brake-light/tail-light to be in the middle and not integrated in the indicators. Also you can still see the right indicator if you are standing at a 45 degree angle to the left side of the Snoek. We think it is important to be able to show clearly what your intentions are in traffic.

The first two Snoeks are equipped with an aluminum lift handle/rear light combination. This is completely removable. If you prefer to go a bit minimalistic – look at the red/white Snoek – then it is possible to mount the rear indicators directly in the body. The large black hole is needed for the air escape and for mounting the light system. There will be a carbon tube roof, which also works as a lift handle.

There was also a question about the Snoek’s manhole and its size compared to the Quest XS. I took a top view photo. This shows that the shoulder part of the Snoek manhole is narrower. But the hole itself is longer.

Today our first (homemade) mould of Snoek left for the factory in Romania. With this second mould they should be able to produce 2 Snoeks per week. But we’ll see if it’s realistic šŸ˜‰

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